Converting a new Darjeeling 'B'

When converting a new Roundhouse Darjeeling 'B' ordered from Roundhouse directly, Roundhouse is willing to take back parts you do not need under the following conditions.
Test run the loco gas-fired once. Then disassemble the loco and within 2 weeks send back the parts that you do not need.
Roundhouse will give a refund only when the parts are undamaged, so pack the parts carefully and wrap them separately.

It concerns following parts:
- boiler with all fittings & manual steam regulator with handle except safety valve, pressure gauge, lubricator cap and lubricator drain screw.
- gas tank with gas regulator and gas burner
- reverser lever (in case you're building the Darjeeling 'B' R/C controlled) and boiler mounting foot.
All these parts have to be new, Roundhouse will not take back used parts. The gas pipe, superheater and lubricator cannot be returned as these parts are individually bent for each loco.

At the moment of ordering please let Roundhouse know that you want to make use of this service (
You need to order a manual version with a pressure gauge without red marking at 40psi instead of the normal pressure gauge. See FAQs on pressure gauge.
Ask Roundhouse to fit normal exhaust pipes instead of an exhaust enhancer (see FAQs on exhaust enhancer).

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