Checklist Roundhouse parts for Elke

- Billy 0-4-0 chassis kit (HBK1)
- Billy body kit (HBK5)
- Billy smoke box wiith fittings, do not solder door (CSB Billy, do not solder door)
- Safety valve (5/16"*32ME)  (SV)
- Safety valve filler plug only with 'O' ring (SVFP)
- Pressure gauge without red marking at 40psi (PG without red marking)
- Lubricator cap with 'O' ring (LUBCAP)
- Lubricator drain screw with 'O' ring (LDS)
- 1 Boilerband with screws and nuts (EBB, suitable for Billy)
- Billy brass boiler wrapper with screw and nuts (wrapper Billy)

These parts can be ordered directly at Roundhouse for about £743 (
Or copy the list above in a mail to Roundhouse (
More info on the smoke box: see FAQs on smoke box. And on the pressure gauge: see FAQs on pressure gauge.
If you build Elke manual you need to order in addition a Roundhouse regulator handle:
- Regulator-Manual handle only (REGH)

Optional Roundhouse parts can be fitted as well:
- Cylinder cladding
- Buffer beam overlays Billy
- A combination lever & crosshead set for 'classic series' locomotives.

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