Reely HT-6/HR-6 and the similar Flysky FS-i6/FS-iA6 computer combo

We really like these combos because they are good value, very compact, simple, reliable and have comfortable gimbals (sticks). Up-to 20 models can be programmed in these computer combos and they feature telemetry feedback for the receiver battery as standard. Download manual here.

Specially the Flysky FS-i6 transmitter with FS-iA6 receiver is very good value for a computer combo with receiver battery telemetry feedback (, check your countries customs rules: possibly extra duty/taxes cost). Additional FS-iA6 receivers are very good value as well (, check your countries customs rules: maybe extra duty/taxes cost). Take note: the FS-iA6B receiver is too bulky to fit the locomotives, so do not order the Flysky FS-i6 transmitter with a FS-iA6B receiver.

The transmitters do not come with a charge plug. You need to charge the batteries externally. With the charger we use (Conrad 237739) connect a battery box (Conrad 651049) to the charger. The gimbals do come with an adjustable brake instead of a ratchet which is fine (you could make your own ratchet). Their receivers (Reely HR6/Flysky FS-iA6) do fit in all our locos without alterations.

These transmitters sound a warning-beeb when not using the transmitter for 60 seconds. When this annoys you the time lapse can be set to 10 minutes by loading new firmware (10ch Mod i6 Updater, version V1.5, works under windows XP and up, does not work with the Flysky FS-i6X). Watch this video. Use this download cable (possibly needs a CP2102 USB-to-Serial Bridge driver on your PC). If port COM3 does not work, look in windows under device manager for correct port number (COM1 on my PC). It's not difficult to do, we tested it for the Flysky FS-i6 and it works well. Minder: it is no official Flysky firmware, so installing and usage is at your own risk.

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