Fitting a Reely HR4/Flysky FS-A6/Flysky FS-iA6 receiver

For Amy, Elke and Irene follow the instructions for the Spektrum DX5e receiver in your R/C manual.

However for Amy drill the existing hole for the antenna to a size of 1.7 (or 2) mm (see R/C manual drawing 8 item 10). The receiver can be fitted like drawing below left.

And for the Elke the RC switch needs to be fitted at the left side position and not at the Spektrum DX5e position. The receiver will sit a bit eccentric from the middle to give room for the left battery. See drawing below right. The BEC connector is best fixed with some tape on top of the left battery. Cable lengths for the switch leads need to be longer for this new lay-out: from switch to receiver about 80 mm and from switch to charge panel jack about 100 mm.

A Reely HR6/Flysky FS-Ai6 receiver can be fitted in a similar way. Mind you, the receiver alteration for Elke and Irene is not necessary however.

FlySky receivers
Fitting Reely/FlySky receivers: Amy left and Elke to the right.

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