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Riverdale Locomotives is specialized in G/16mm scale coal-fired locomotives and is based in Son, a small village nearby Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Our newest coal-fired locomotive is the Darjeeling 'B'. More details on the DARJEELING page.

New is the steam pressure telemetry feedback with automated damper. Details here.

The coal-fired locomotives can also be home built with our coal-fired boiler kits in combination with proven Roundhouse kits and parts. Alternatively you can convert your existing gas-fired Roundhouse Lady Anne, Billy or Katie into a coal-fired Amy, Elke or Irene.
More details on the AMY, ELKE and IRENE page.

For a coal-fired locomotive in particular, building yourself saves your “railway company” a lot of money and the process itself is very rewarding. Our kits are designed in such a way that only simple tools are needed. Check what skills are required on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Don't think our coal-fired locomotives are difficult to drive. We're using a special boiler design with a coal-fire damper on the firebox door. Our locomotives can be fully remote controlled should you want it. And you find detailed operating instructions in the extensive manual which comes with your locomotive/kit.

To assure quality and reliability we're using modern design and production tools, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD), computer based calculation programs (FEM), computer based production (CNC, laser cutting). The people at Riverdale Locomotives have all the skills and experience needed to assure the quality of our products. Being a small company we deliver all service and support you'll need for your locomotive.

Want to know more? Just contact us by phone (+31 499 476808) or send us a mail.

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