Re-positioning antenna HR-4 and FS-i4 receivers for Elke and Irene

Re-positioning of the antenna for Elke and Irene is necessary because the antenna of the receiver sticks out too much and will not fit in the 46.5 mm availabe space.
The receiver is very easy to disassemble. Just remove the 4 screws and you end up with the parts below.

HR 4 disassembled
Receiver without casing and top&bottom of case with 4 screws.

You can either use the receiver without its casing. Wrap the receiver in insulation tape.
Or you can re-use the casing but then you need to cut away the plastic lip and increase the exit hole of the antenna. This allows re-positioning of the antenne wire along the casing where it can be held by some tape. The pictures below show the idea.
In both cases be very careful not to over-bend the antenna wire coming from the receiver's printed circuit board !

proposal HR 4
Left: receiver in half-casing with cut-out for the antenna wire.
Right: full casing with tape to hold the antenna wire.

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