Damper lever for manual operated locos

A great looking damper lever for manual operated locos allows for the same easy control of the damper as in R/C locos. It allows for running the coal-fired loco fully "on the damper", just as a gas-fired loco "on the gas".

Elke with damper lever
The lever - shown damper open - can be reached easily through the left opening in the cab

The clever thing is that the door clicks into the damper lever. And so the damper lever will adjust how much the door will be cracked open to control the heat of the coal fire during running. At the same time - to open the door fully - the door clicks out of the lever easily to shovel coal on the fire.

damper lever
Damper and door closed, door clicked in damper lever.
Damper open, door clicked in damper lever.
Door open and clicked out of damper lever.

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