Special design features

From the start our goal has been to build a coal-fired locomotive with the ease of a gas-fired locomotive while running but with the fun of building a real coal fire. Controlling the locomotive had to be possible without you running after the locomotive or bending your knees more often than with a gas-fired locomotive.

And we have learnt from earlier coal-fired locomotives we 've built that a damper is needed to balance and control the heat of the fire. The damper prevents the fire dying out or the safety valve blowing off all the time.

What you'll need is a coal-fired locomotive with running times comparable to gas-fired locomotives without attending coal or water. Like your gas-fired locomotive it should be very reliable and of simple design. It would be very nice to have a neat cab lay-out with space for loco driver and fire man. And optional full R/C including damper and whistle.

To make all above possible we designed a special boiler containing all the water you 'll need for a run. So there is no need for a pumping system that in this scale needs very much energy and shortens running times considerably. And without pump the loco runs trouble free like a gas-fired loco.
Under steam coal and water are topped up for the next run. At that moment you will be really busy with getting the newly added coal burning and topping up the boiler with water.

Due to the very deep and wide firebox in combination with a very effective steam blower it's not difficult to keep the fire going. The boiler has a large dual flue design. This is one of the reasons the steam blower is so effective. The flues themselves are insensitive to pollution and the design allows the boiler water level to run very low before they are falling fully dry.
To save you the hassle with steam oil while under steam, the lubricator is extra large. On top of that the loco has a very nicely designed water gauge.

The resulting locomotive is very reliable and of simple design. Long runs are possible. This makes the locomotive very suitable for ground tracks also. It has a very neat cab lay-out. With the damper you can keep the pressure at a constant value with any train load and speed. And if you want, you can not only have a radio controlled regulator, reverser and whistle but a radio controlled damper as well !

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