Some pictures of the Darjeeling 'B' in several stages of building
(allow some time to download pictures)

darjeeling in parts
Darjeeling parts after disassembling (only those that will be re-used).

Darjeeling chassis with new exhaust tie and steam tie fitted.

chassis darjeeling
Darjeeling chassis with whistle already between the frames.
Right side: new laser-cut floorplate with cut-out for the coal-fired boiler.

darjeeling boiler
Darjeeling boiler with fittings before testing for seal leaks.

.chassis with boiler
The coal-fired boiler mounted to the chassis with most fittings (water gauge,
regulator valve, whistle valve, blower valve, Goodall valve and lubricator).
Not visible but already fitted is the new smoke-box door that can be opened.

darjeeling fitting upper frame
Darjeeling just before fitting the inner frame (visible on the upper right).

chassis&boiler darjeeling with servos
The 3 servos, R/C switch and charger plug are fitted to the inner frame.
After fitting the body, the receiver will be positioned on this side as well.

Darjeeling front
The front is ready. An extra boilerband (on smoke-box) comes with the kit and
the front is layered to ease painting the white band.

Darjeeling ready
Darjeeling ready to run on our test track.

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