Some pictures of Amy in several stages of building
(allow some time to download pictures)

Main-frame after painting

Assembled chassis with the new laser-cut floorplate

chassis top view
Top view of the chassis. Far right: the blower pipe necessary for coal-firing.
eft side: laser-cut floorplate with hole for the coal-fired boiler.

chassis with boiler
The coal-fired boiler mounted to the chassis with all fittings (pressure gauge, water gauge,
regulator valve, whistle valve, blower valve, Goodall valve, safety valve and lubricator).
In front
from L to R: receiver and servos for whistle & damper, reverser and regulator.

chassis&boiler back view
On this side visible the rechargeble batteries, R/C switch, charger plug and lubricator.
Behind the switch, almost horizontal the whistle.

Amy running on our test track

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