Compatibility Slo-mo: low speeds just like the real thing

Slo-mo adds inertia and momentum to small live steam locomotives for more realistic running. Watch the video to see what is possble with the Slo-mo.
More information and videos on the Slo-mo from SSP:

Fitting is a relatively straight forward job following the instructions on the SSP internet site for a Roundhouse Katie and Billy. It's not really necessary to remove the body. However as there are steam pipes underneath a Riverdale boiler two extra steps are needed before fitting the Slo-mo.

First the steam pipe coming down from the boiler and going to the steam-tie of the cylinders has to be bent about 2mm away from the Slo-mo to create ample room for adjustment of the chain later when fitting the Slo-mo (see drawing). To have enough room doing this, set the front wheels maximum outwards, loosen the steam pipe nut from the steam tie and remove the central frame spacer (which needs to be removed for the Slo-mo anyway). Bending steam pipe needs to be done before fitting the Slo-mo and with care preventing too tight curves. Best is to bend the pipe with your fingers as your fingers are nicely soft and round. Start with bending back bend 1, next make bend 2 and finally adapt radius of bend 3 for which I fitted temporarily a Regner M5 nipple to have some length to apply force with my fingers. The steam pipe of the Billy/Elke is more easily bent in place since the boiler sits higher. So loosening the steam pipe nut and applying the Regner M5 nipple is not absolutely necessary.
steam pipe
The trick with re-adjusting the Roundhouse weigh shaft as described on the SSP internet pages for a Katie will just not work for a coal-fired Irene. As a second step it's wise to exchange the weigh shaft with a new one. A new weigh shaft is easily made by yourself by bending a piece of 1/8 inch stainless steel rod in your vice (see drawing below, dimensions in mm). Make sure that both rod ends are nicely aligned and the weigh shaft is minimal 4.8mm deep. I used a 3mm rod as I had nothing else available. Works fine but play is a bit much.
As the Billy/Elke has a straight weigh shaft all this is not necessary when fitting a Slo-mo on a Riverdale Elke.
weigh shaft
For Elke you have to find a solution for the whistle because the Slo-mo took its place. A good solution is to fit the whistle inside the right side tank and between displacement lubricator & boiler. See drawing below: 1 = whistle valve; 2 = whistle pipe; 3 = whistle; 4 = M5 union nut. For a 1:1 PDF drawing that can be used as guidance to bend the new whistle pipe open and download this link. Print the drawing at 100%. Shown are front, side and top view of the new whistle pipe. Eventually you need a new clamp nipple for the Regner whistle kit as you have to alter the steam pipe.
elke slomo fluit
For best results you need to exchange the exhaust nozzle. A set of new smaller exhaust nozzles is available optimized for running at realistic speeds to get the most out of the Slo-mo. Under damper control you can run extremely slow without losing the draft (see video).
Because water usage is lower, r
unning time will be upto 25 minutes compared to 20 minutes without Slomo. Running 25 minutes the boiler has to be kept on temperature longer resulting in a higher coal usage. So make sure you have enough coal in the firebox!

The new smaller nozzles, the Regner M5 nipple and a new Regner clamp nipple
are available now.

However not tested yet, the Slomo for the Darjeeling "B" and Lady Anne should fit the coal-fired Darjeeling "B" and Amy respectively.

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